Silk Screen Printing!


This weekend a friend and I went over to Brixton to a studio named Under Way Studio to try out a new class – mono printing using silk screens. I had tried lino printing as a teenager in art class but this sort of work was completely new to me! We began in a manner somewhat similar to the shadow puppets, cutting out the shapes that we wanted out of paper and this time using them to create negatives (in that the paint would fill the spaces we cut).




I chose to create a piece inspired by the life drawings I had from Thursday, as I thought Jennifer’s movements were really dynamic and beautiful. I layered a couple of different poses on top of one another, meaning that the end result looked as though she was moving around on the page:




I also added a couple of shapes to layer on top of one another, creating a final piece that I was quite pleased with. Though we only had three colours to work with, I felt that the end result was well-suited to the vibrancy of the primary colour paints. Each layer/colour had to be done individually, pulling the paint across the screen beforehand to “flood” it, then redone over the stencil to create very bold and clean shapes. We then (very professionally) dried each layer with a hairdryer, before changing colours on the screen and printing the next on top. I was really satisfied by the cleanness of the final lines and the vibrancy of my figure’s movement through different layers of colour. I’ll be back for more screen printing for sure…



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