Life Drawing Week Two: Circle Time

This week at life drawing, I decided to put my plan of using circles into practice when sketching our new life model Phil. Vanessa showed my the ropes first, showing me how to start by drawing a circle for the torso, followed by one for the hips and a final circle for the head to get a general gist of the model’s movement and stance. Drawing the spine in also helped to get a feel for how the model’s posture was, as my previous drawings were lacking in this area! I really felt like my drawings improved a lot.



Vanessa’s feedback was that my characters looked a little two dimensional, and that I tended to cut off my lines too early rather than flow readily into one another. As a cartoonist at heart, this made a lot of sense – creating the limbs as cylinders rather than as straight lines helped me a lot in fleshing out my characters and making them seem properly ’round’ in the sense of being three dimensional. Again, we were doing short poses of 2, 3 and 4 minutes, which meant there were a lot of different movements to capture in short succession. Like Jennifer, Phil made full use of the prop selection!



Using the circles helped me massively improve my technique, so I’m definitely going to be using them more in the future!

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