An Army of Gromits: Aardman Workshop!


This week some friends from MACA and I all went down to Hackney Picturehouse to do an Aardman model making workshop, led by George who works as a junior model maker at Aardman studios in Bristol. There were quite a few animation students in the mix, both 3D and 2D, but puppet/claymation was a new realm for me and one that I was very intrigued by.


As we all received the same amount of clay and instructions for building a character, the workshop didn’t leave as much to our imagination as I might have expected but nonetheless I had a really great time building my own Gromit! Despite working in the same order on the same tasks, everyone’s models came out looking very different with different personalities and facial expressions, as you can see in the photo below of mine and my classmates’. (Mine is second from the right!)



At the end of the session we took group photos of our army of Gromits and asked George a couple of questions about what it was like working in stop motion animation and model making. He told us a bit about the selection process at Aardman, as well as how groups would work together both on short-term and longer term projects. He told us that we should work on creating the best portfolios and showreels we could before applying for jobs, as this was the way to be the most successful in the industry. All in all a really enjoyable and educational experience – maybe next time they’ll teach us how to make Wallace…

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