Spongebob Construction Theory: Character Design Workshop

This week was character design week, something I was really excited for as this is what I would ideally like to go into professionally once I’ve graduated. CSM graduate Josceline Fenton gave us a great talk detailing her experience in the industry, both in comics and in advertising for Felix and Virgin Media among other things. She also did work for Steven Universe and Cartoon Network, which I thought looked really impressive! Her talk was mainly focused on the idea of mimicking other people’s styles, which I definitely need to work on. It is a strange concept to me as I don’t think of it as being as creative, but I understand that in the industry you often have to take pre-designed characters for projects more often than not! Here are some of the designs I attempted:




Spongebob proved to be a hard nut for me to crack, despite having watched him religiously since a child; from memory we all struggled to recreate his expressions, meaning we had to look at his character sheet for a bit of help:



Who knew that Spongebob Construction Theory would be the title of one of my scholarly worksheets? Finally we had a go designing our own original characters and passed them to a friend to try and replicate. This was a really fun exercise, though not an easy one! We all have such different styles and trying to mimic them was quite the challenge, though one I really enjoyed. I’m fully qualified to construct my own Spongebob anytime…

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