We Become Film Makers!

One of our projects this term – a rather unusual project in fact – has been to shoot and edit together a two minute chase scene film. Our group decided to shoot on campus, as it would make the most sense for us, and after writing out some story boards to plan our scenes we decided to cast Melissa as our starring role, along with a friend of mine to play her stalker. I also had a brief cameo as her friend in the first scene!


Our film followed a student as she left campus late at night, being pursued by a sinister-looking hooded figure who, as it turned out, just wanted to return her student card to her. (Or did he?) Our main problems as film makers stemmed from the issue of light; because we needed darkness to film our scenes, we were limited to very specific times, as well as having to think about our location with regards to how much light could be seen. This meant that we filmed quite intensively over the course of two separate days, shooting about ten or fifteen scenes at a time. Here’s an action shot:



What we learned over the course of making this short film was the importance of angles and exposition in creating a suspenseful piece of work; we tried to vary our camera angles as much as possible, using POV camera as well as long shots to add a bit of interest to the film. Finally we edited everything together using Premier Pro and added suspenseful music, before screening it for our class. I was really impressed with the range of stories our class created in their separate groups, with all of us taking “Chase Sequence” in a slightly different way. Here’s a link to our short film that I’ve posted on my Vimeo:




All in all a fun project, and a first-time foray into film making!







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